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Who we are and what we want...

A writer who champions the cause of providing more-than-adequate words for every occasion.
A linguist from the US of A, consulting and helping on translation work.

We are experienced and we are motivated, but most importantly, we thoroughly enjoy what we do. And when you enjoy the job you do, you do a much better job.
And the client gets to enjoy the benefits of that.

Florian Eberhorn

Florian Eberhorn has been living and working in Berlin, Germany, since 2002. Having spent long years working for different movie production companies, he struck out on his own in 2015 and founded the Eberhorn Wortproduktion. While his focus for the first few years rested solely on developing his own ideas, he also earned himself a formidable reputation as a translator, editor, and script doctor. Amongst many others, he worked for well-known German directors Achim AKIZ Bornhak, Timo Jacobs, and Philipp Reichenheim, for the production companies OOO-Films and Bon Voyage, and for the German bestselling authors Michel Birbaek, Hanna Winter, and Alexander Broicher as translator, editor, and writer.

Yulia Kazakova

Yulia Kazakova owns degrees in German, English, and Russian. Following several years as a freelancing translator and interpreter, she moved to work in the United States, where she continues to hone her skills on a daily basis. Since 2018, she consults for the Eberhorn Wortproduktion on translation work.


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