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Currently, my creative writing is focused on a novella for a "German Pulp" Anthology to be published in 2019 by ABC Publishing, my second novel, a few short stories, and several movie projects.
For a short sample of my work, please click the link at the bottom right.

And now, for those taking an interest, a "small" glimpse of my ideas for Film and TV.


The Window to the Soul is a macabre and claustrophobic, but also witty and darkly humorous Postapocalyptic Horror Movie.

In a world, where behind every mirrored surface hellish monsters lie in wait, monsters that are only real as long as someone looks at them and accepts their reality, a blind girl is leading a group of blindfolded survivors through the ruins of the city.

Status: Exposé-Primer

Another kind of Love - a tragicomical Urban-Fantasy Anthology Film

Four moving, funny, and scary tales of the love and suffering of the creatures of the night, of werewolves and witches, or vampires and fallen angels. Four stories, in which the monsters are all too human, and the humans are the real monsters.

Status: Exposé-Primer, German Script

He called himself Cane is an amusing, romantic, and action-packed Martial Arts Comedy.

A young, dreamy wannabe hero uses his immense inheritance to plunge a district of his hometown into criminal chaos - so he can then swoop in and save it. But his dream becomes bitter realty, and to save innocent and get the girl at the end, he has to win a battle whose outcome he, for the first time in his life, cannot buy.

Status: Exposé-Primer

White, Single, Mom - a funny and romantic Murder-Mystery

A young mother recently left by her husband is dragged into the middle of a murder case, when her former boss - and lover - is arrested for the murder of his wife, flees the autoritities, and then appears at her door looking for help.

Status: Exposé-Primer

Freaks is a romantic and deeply ironic Comedy about the quirks and pitfalls of mass entertainment.

Following a fateful misstep live on TV, a rising young journalist is demoted to the lowest levels of tabloid journalims and find himself among a team of loveable "Freaks", reporting on Elvis sightings and Aliens.

Status: Exposé-Primer

Hashashin - a funny Crime and Conspiracy Comedy

When an unknown criminal takes control of the complete marijuana supply of a college town shortly before the weekend, it's up to two amiable, drug-dealing brothers, an exotic dancer, and a slightly confused professor to find the culprit and save the town from alcohol-induced chaos and violence.

Status: Exposé-Primer

Steven Mort from the 2. Floor is a funny Urban-Fantasy tale - with angels, demons, and a very nice zombie.

When Steven Mort, the cosmic entitiy responsible for the delivery of the souls of the dead in a small suburb of the city, is murdered, suddenly no one there can die anymore. Now, a fresh detective and a female beat cop have to solve the murder of Death himself before the universe decides to forcefully restore the balance - by wiping out the whole suburb and everyone in it.

Status: Exposé-Primer

Miriam and the Dragon - a mix of Modern Fantasy and Medical Crime Mystery

2019. Following the tragic death of her daughter - and a mental breakdown - a young doctor seeks refuge in a phantasy world of monsters, heroes, and dragons. Eventually, she embarks on a quest to slay the dragon that poisoned her daughter. Because she needs his heart to save the world.

Status: Exposé-Primer, 10-page German Treatment

Night falls in the Garden of Eden is a funny and gripping Action Thriller

By way of a kidnapping case, two rather unconventional fixers - an ex-cop and his slightly criminal partner - find themselves in the middle of war for the control of the organized crime in the city. And in order to survive, they have no choice but to win it.

Status: Exposé-Primer, German Treatment, German Script

Pain is Life - a Murder-Mystery somewhere between medicine and horror - with a touch of period drama

Following the discovery of a dreadfully mutilated woman found amidst arcane medical equipment, a young femal student of medical history aids the police in solving a murder case that apparently began 150 years ago.

Status: Exposé

Even the Foxes... is a romantic and very manly Comedy.

The story of a man looking for his Happy End and his path to self-discovery, alone in a world, where for one whole year, he wasn't allowed to have sex. Because of his ex-girlfriend, the women of his hometown, and "Sex and the City".

Status: Exposé-Primer, English Script

Sophie and the End of the World - a cynical Comedy about the end of the world, but not as we know it

In a world, where the feeble remants of the human race will die a slow, painful death in exactly 100 days, the teenage Sophie spends her last summer on earth looking for fun, friendship, drugs, love, sex, and, before it's too late, a comfortable suicide, as she writes down the last years of humanity in her diary. For whomever.

Status: Exposé-Primer, German Script-Excerpts

Two Candles... is a funny and ironic story about the shooting a love movie.

In order to prevent the love of his life from marrying another man, a young director tries, under a very short deadline, to shoot a movie telling the story of their starcrossed love - while being accompanied by an annoyingly inquisitve camera team.

Status: Exposé-Primer


A Killer Job

Young Mary's life is drab and sad. Bored by her job as a secretary, her dreams of a better future are all that keep her going. Until the day she, more or less out of necessity, kills her boss, covers up the murder, and sucessfully sells the whole thing to the authorities as an unfortunate accident.

And in the process, she learns two things about herself: First, she apparently has no qualms about killing another human being, at least not one that deserves it. Second, even without any formal training, she obviously has a real knack for it. When her boss's widow then hands her a respectable amount of money for freeing her from her horribly husband, Mary decides to take up a new career, albeit a rather unconventional one.

With the help of the woman next door, a technically adept but slightly weird conspiracy nut, and a fallen-from-grace priest, she embarks on her quest to learn the ins and outs of her new calling: hitman for hire.

Status: Exposé

Satan and I

Robert loves his job. And understandably so, as he managed to turn his hobby into a living. Robert is a crime scene photographer for the homicide squad. For as long as he can remember, he's had a morbid fascination with death in all its facest. As a kid, he didn't have a lot of friends. Today, though, that has changed. He's happily married and well-respected by his colleagues. The reason for the latter is his unshakeable sense of justice and his almost eerie insight into the minds and the motives of the perpetrators.

But his wonderful life falls apart when he catches his wife in bed with another man. Robert loses it. In a fit of blind rage, he kills both his wife and the mailman, then uses their blood to scribble satanic symbols and verses onto the walls. Unfortunately, he can't remember doing any of it.

And if that wasn't bad enough, he's suddenly hearing voices in his head. Well, one voice. But that voice claims to be the devil. THE devil.

Status: Exposé

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