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Similarly to how it can be hard to put your ideas into words, sometimes you already have a story, but it just doesn't click. Maybe the dialog needs work, or maybe the pacing is off. Or maybe you just feel like something is wrong, even if you can't say what exactly that might be. In the same vein, having immersed yourself neck deep into a problem can bring its own difficulties: small mistakes can creep in, whether logical or in continuity.

In both cases it can help to have someone go over things with a fresh set of eyes - possibly a someone with a certain talent for words.

Since founding the Eberhorn Wortproduktion, I have, amongst others, taken a look at, revised, and edited work by and for Bon Voyage Films, German movie directors AKIZ and Timo Jacobs, as well as the bestselling authors Alexander Broicher and Hanna Winter, from exposes to finished scripts and novels.

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