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Sometimes things get lost. Keys, glasses, sudden epiphanies. It's inevitable and rarely, if ever, pleasant. While nothing ever should get lost, some things get lost unnecessarily. Things like ideas, meaning, style, wit, or mood when they are translated. And yet, they do, fall through the cracks in the language barrier, never to be seen again.

While my work used to revolve almost exclusively around the creation of my own ideas, I have in recent years earned myself a, or so I'm told, well-deserved reputation as a talented, quick, and diligent translator. I worked with several different production companies, German directors, and bestselling writers on translating scripts, concepts, and novels from German into English and vice versa. Without losing anything.
Additionally, as an added bonus for my clients, I also take a very close look at logical coherence and dramatic composition - if you're already engaging with a text as intensively as I do, why not take the opportunity and check it for small and big mistakes?

And in a world, where the usual means of translation often seem to range from Google Translate to "the director's son had (insert respective language here) as an elective in high school, and he's a really bright kid", offering quality translations for reasonable prices has been greatly appreciated by my clients.

To ensure that there really is nothing rotten in the state of my translations, I consult with a professional: Yulia Kazakova, a linguist with degrees in English, German, and Russian, currently living in the US of A. With her fantastic sprachgefühl (yes, that is an English word) and unerring sense for the appropriate choice of words in every situation, she elevates my work, both translations from and into English, to new heights.

Click the links below for a look at current and past projects, and several excerpts of my work:

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