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Where ideas become real...

I have been creating and writing stories since I was a child. Eventually, what used to be a hobby turned into work.

The plan was simple: I wanted to enjoy what I do - and have other people enjoy what I did. It's something I often miss in German entertainment, that feeling of "yes, this is quality entertainment, and yes, the people that created what you just experienced had fun doing so."

So I take my ideas - ideas that might be considered rather "unusual" for Germany - and I put them into words.
All of those words will have two things in common: Each and every one of them will have a thought behind it, and everyone who falls victim to one of my unexpectedly eloquent ambushes will know that I enjoyed working on both my words and my ideas.

Click the links below for a look at my current projects and some of my ideas, plus a few samples of my work.

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